Lent, Introspection,  and......Beethoven

The season of Lent is a particularly deep time of year where we go inside to reflect on our lives,  thoughts,  emotions. In the process of truly being with them, in all their ups and inevitable downs, we have the opportunity to come, inwardly and outwardly,  to our own personal resurrection.  

There is no better composer for us at this season than Beethoven.   Although his work is thought of as dramatic,  bombastic,  impulsive,  Beethoven himself was a very inward person who had on onset of deafness in his late 20s.   During this Lenten season I will be sharing a number of the slow movements from  Beethoven's piano sonatas as the prelude.

These beautiful and deeply-felt pieces communicate a deep, deep thoughtfulness and quietude and create an introspective tone whereby we, too may become quiet and move into our own Lenten reflection.