Neighborhood Clean Up Day!!

Every room our house needs a little extra care on occasion. We think of our neighborhood as a giant living room n our city- The Loyal Heights Living Room. On this Sunday afternoon, in honor of those who have served our country, we will come together to serve our neighborhood. Tasks will range from light gardening, to yard clean up, to sidewalk sweeping. All ages and stages are welcome to come together to serve! Snacks and smiles welcome. Please contact if you are interested in helping or if you have a special neighborhood project in and. 

Veterans Day, 2-5pm

"Honestly Church Scares Me," And Other Spiritual Thoughts: A Class for the Spiritually Curious

This class will be held every other month to offer a place for the spiritually curious to bring their questions about the church. While the class is taught by the pastor of Northminster Presbyterian, it offers space to wonder about why church is so hard and what ind of positive things are possible with the support of a spiritual community. This class ends with an orientation to coming back to church, or coming for the first time ever.

September 12th 7:30-8:30pm

November 14th 7:30-8:30pm

January 16th 7:30-8:30pm

All ages welcome to attend. The first 10 minutes of the class will offer a special orientation to children. 

The People's Seminary: The Ancient Text Meets the 21st Century

This class offers a chance for those who are spiritually curious to engage the biblical text from a new perspective. What does the book of Genesis actually say? Why is the Exodus still celebrated? What are the gospels? How can I gain a little understanding of the text so that I can make better decisions about what I believe? This class does not assume that those attendance will see themselves as Christian. Likewise, this class offers a place for non-Christians to explore the Bible apart from the context of Christian worship.

October 10th 7-9pm--Genesis

October 17th 7-9pm--Exodus

This class will be held quarterly. There will be two sessions in Jan/Feb (Psalms and Prophets) and two sessions in March (Epistles and Gospels).